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All things western & branding

Not located in Oklahoma, but want to work together? I travel! Email me: maci@lulubirdcreative.com


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I'm a twin mom, who is addicted to traveling, energy drinks, western flair and finding adventures with my husband.

I am Maci Tompkins and I'm the face and the soul behind Lulubird Creative. 

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Photo by: WHITE PINE Photography

let's capture the magic that is your family or brand!

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kind words

"I LITERALLY CRIED. they are so perfect, I can’t imagine them being ANY better!!! Thank you SO MUCH!! We will ALWAYS recommend you to anyone asking, not only for amazing pictures but for also being so laid back & go with the flow. You fit right in & were so thankful for you!"

Frankie + Devin

"In an hour we got fifth generation pictures taken with 6 adults, a 10 month old and a 5 month old in every formation possible and they are wonderful!! I don’t know how we will ever pick which ones to print. Thank you so much!!"


"Lulubird Creative, has done such a fantastic job with creative design, promotional guidelines and Marketing. I would recommend Maci for your business without hesitation."


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